The LABELLASER module is a secure system used for printing sets of bar-coded labels, boasting a check-digit calculation algorithm.

  • puce

    Multi-site system

  • puce

    Compatible with all kinds of bar codes

  • puce

    Number series can be configured

  • puce

    Check-digit calculation and print-out

Print-out of blood sample labels

LABELLASER enables users to select the desired label format, and configure number series. As such, users can define characteristics for a set of sample numbers to be generated. The system also automatically calculates and prints out the “check-digit”, as well as all previous number series.

The LABELLASER is a multi-site system that can be used to define number series for each individual site. Lastly, is accommodates all kinds of bar codes, such as CODABAR, CODE 128 or CODE 39.