Technology runs in our veins

Founded in 1980 and known as a true pioneer in the field of blood transfusion management, MEDINFO has established itself as a key stakeholder both in France and abroad. By joining the GPI group, the company made room for new opportunities and pursued its global expansion, aiming to provide one of the most comprehensive and competitive software solutions on the market to as many people as possible. Its technology is truly unique and perfectly adaptable to the various process used in countries all over the world, forming a remarkable synergy with GPI’s software – already in place for several hundred customers located in 60 countries.


Unique know-how

Over the last few decades, MEDINFO has developed unique know-how, alongside the very best specialists in blood transfusions, cell therapy and transplants. On an international level, the company now boasts one of the rare software development teams entirely dedicated to these sectors. Having been audited by the most prestigious specialised institutions, such as the French Blood Donors’ Organisation (EFS) and the British National Health Service, our software is widely renowned for its reliability and safety.


A shared vision regarding software quality

MEDINFO has always been committed to constantly improving its technologies’ quality and reliability. Always striving to listen to our customers’ needs, we anticipate their future requirements by trying to understand the challenges and changes specific to each sector. This quality policy was in fact rewarded in 2006, when we were granted the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We are currently working to bolster this commitment, with support from the GPI group, thanks to their experience in research & development.

When choosing MEDINFO, you put your trust in us. Our duty is to be worthy of it.

Le groupe GPI

GPI is a favoured partner for all software, technologies and services pertaining to healthcare, social services and public administration. Founded over 30 years ago in Trento, GPI boosted its development thanks to major M&A and R&D investments (both in Italy and abroad), in partnership with leading Italian research centres and universities, with an aim to sharing scientific, technological, functional and process-orientated knowledge applied to e-health, e-welfare and well-being. Drawing on solutions and know-how acquired from companies that joined their ecosystem, the Group majestically turned healthcare industry needs into cutting-edge technological solutions and new service models aiming to optimise the prevention, diagnosis and treatment process, thus improving patients’ lives. Its offer combines specialised IT expertise, consultancy and design, thus making it available to a wide array of activities: Software, healthcare, automation, ICT and payment services.

The GPI group’s expertise revolves around five major pillars:

  • Designing modular information systems for managing processes in health and social facilities, as well as in public administrations.
  • Implementing services and technologies designed for improving patient intake, as well as their care and autonomy.
  • Creating automation systems throughout the procurement chain, enabling hospitals and pharmacies to manage processes whilst reducing costs.
  • Offering management, maintenance and support system services, as well as cyber-security assessments and advice, with a view to guaranteeing business continuity.
  • Developing innovative electronic payment technologies, as well as certified storage systems.
Le groupe GPI

A certified IT suite used to implement a safe and efficient blood procurement chain.

The Gpi4Blood Suite encompasses a range of high-performance solutions drawing on proficient international experience in blood procurement. Gpi4Blood offers a unique array of functionalities within its portfolio of high-end solutions, able to meet the needs of various types of customers: major organisations, hospitals, blood transfusion centres, transplant centres and laboratories.


  • Oracle
  • CPF
  • Microsoft
IN 1988

Creation of the GPI group


customers in over 70 countries


of turnover in 2021


employees throughout the world


of benefits in 2020

IN 2016

GPI was listed on the Italian stock exchange (AIM segment)

IN 2018

GPI is switched to the MTA market